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How To Help Narcissistic Abuse Victim: Emotional and Psychological Abuse

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How do you help a friend or loved one going through hell in an emotionally, verbally, psychologically, abusive relationship with a narcissist?

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The victim’s reaction to being mentally abused is often what outsiders will see. They will not notice the abuse itself and the victim can appear crazy, unstable, depressed and even abusive.

Victims can be re-traumatized by friends, family, judges, law enforcement, therapists and other professionals simply because they are not trained to recognize the signs, and they don’t know how to help someone being mentally abused. Instead, they provide advice which can actually push the victim away and make them feel more shame.

❤️ First, let me say you are amazing! Many victims do not have support during their abusive relationship. What a gift you are to your friend or loved one for asking this powerful question.

I decided to write about this topic because many victims of abuse are isolated during the relationship with the abuser. This can either be by choice, due to the shame, embarrassment and confusion about the relationship, or most often, the abuser has manipulates their victim so they push away their support system. The more isolated they are, they more control the abuser has over them.

When you are being abused psychologically and emotionally, fear can consume you and you can be plagued with symptoms, both mental and physical.

You may have a hard time understanding why a beautiful, intelligent, sensible and good person would stay in such a relationship that appears to destroy them. You must understand this has nothing to do with their intellectual intelligence.

It can be incredibly hard for someone who has never endured this type of abuse to fully understand it, however, you can empathize with their heartbreaking and how it must feel to be devalued, lied to, dismissed and abused by someone you believe is the love of your life.

Often, even the best of intentions can push the victim further into the arms of their abuser.

You are in a position to help someone that may not be able to help themselves right now.

This guide will help you understand how you can provide the support your friend or loved one desperately needs right now.
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