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Data Protection Law in Charts

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Data protection law regulates a wide range of our daily life and also defines the borders of business models and commercial services. Yet, the legal text of the General Data Protection Regulation, with its 99 articles and 177 recitals, can be hard to apprehend.

As it is widely understood that visualisation can help the reader to easily remember and interpret intricated texts and make them more comprehensible, the main objective of these charts is to provide to those who are studying data protection law with a clear and intelligible presentation of the main legal text, explanations and case law. It complements, without replacing, the General Data Protection Regulation and the textbooks on data protection.
These are the units in the book:
1.- Context of European data protection law
2.- General aspects of data protection law
3.- Data protection concepts
4.- Data protection principles
5.- Rules of data protection law
6.- Rights of the data subject
7.- Controller and processor's duties and obligations
8.- International data transfers and flows of personal data
9.- Supervisory authority
10.- Remedies, liabilities and penalties
11.- Specific processing situations

190 pages
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