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WHAT IS "GRAPHITE" (for Waterfox Classic)?

"Graphite" is a complete theme add-on (derived from my "DeepDark" for Thunderbird) created to transform the look and feel of Waterfox*. It has been specially designed to work with Waterfox Classic on the following operating systems**:

- Windows 10 (v1809);
- MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave);
- Linux Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver).

The add-on doesn’t add specific functionalities to the Waterfox software. It focuses on providing a full GUI (Graphic User Interface) aesthetic customization by replacing colors, icons and, in some cases, by changing the spacing around UI elements and/or their position.

Please note that, together with my "Graphite" complete theme add-on, I included a "" file to achieve visual customizations for UI areas which I couldn't directly style through my add-on.
The CSS files contained in "" will help to add extra customization for:

- Waterfox "about:home" page (so it could look like on the screenshot provided on this page);
- Waterfox "about:robots" page;
- Waterfox "about:checkerboard";
- Waterfox "about:webrtc";
- "view source" pages;
- "responsive mode" (developer tool)

If you don't know how to use the "" file, you can find instructions on this page.

!Important! You may use this theme on a personal, non-commercial basis only. For more information, please, check the "README_LICENSE.txt" file included inside the theme's package.

*Waterfox is an open-source web browser for x64 and ARM64 systems. It maintains support for legacy extensions dropped by Mozilla Firefox, from which it is forked.

**Please note that if you install the theme on other operating systems than the one mentioned above, I do not offer support for them. This is also valid if you use an older version of an operating systems listed on this page.

Note: I am not affiliate with the Waterfox project.



Version: 1.2.1
Latest add-on ("graphite.jar" file) update: May 11, 2021
Latest userstyle ("" file) update: Feb 05, 2021
Works with: Waterfox - 56.*



If you don't know yet how to manually install downloaded add-ons for Waterfox, you can follow the same procedure as the one described on the official Mozilla support site (it works the same way as for Thunderbird or Firefox). There, you will find detailed informations to help you how to do it.



1) Extract the "" file content and keep the folder named "chrome" in a location that you will easily remember (you will need this folder later);

2) Open Waterfox, type "about:support" in the address bar and press Enter/Return to load the page;

3) Once that the "about:support" page is open, look for the "Profile Folder" row in the first table and click the button next to it which says "open folder" (on Windows), "Show in Finder" (on Mac) or "Open Directory" (on Linux). This will launch a new window with your system's file browser.
In the new window that you just opened, on Windows and Linux, you will be able to directly see your "profile folder" content. On Mac, if the "Finder" shows you a semi-randomly-named folder, double-click that folder so you could access its contents.

4) Copy or move the "chrome" folder that you extracted into your Waterfox profile folder;

5) Restart Waterfox and you are done!

The "chrome" folder that I included with my add-on contains few CSS files which will help to customize areas that I couldn't directly style through my add-on. It concretely works as described below:

At startup Waterfox always checks for the presence of "userChrome.css" and "userContent.css" files in a particular location: a folder named "chrome" inside your currently active profile folder (all of your current settings and add-ons are stored in there). So by adding in your profile folder the "chrome" folder that I provided together with my theme, your Waterfox will read and apply the CSS code it contains.

For more information, you can head to



If you use other add-ons together with "Graphite", you need to be aware that some visual glitches may occur due to conflicts between add-ons, especially with the ones which include features that allow to customize the user interface.
In cases of issues due to the use of third party add-ons, you need to know that I do not offer official support for this. There are too many add-ons and it would be a too huge task to ensure they all look fine when used together with my theme. Plus there is also the fact that through my theme it is not always possible to override the CSS code of other add-ons.

However, I included in my theme basic styling (color fixes, new icons set, etc.) for few very popular add-ons so they could integrate a bit better when used together with my theme. I did this for:

  • FireFTP;
  • Tab Mix Plus;
  • DownThemAll;
  • Classic Theme Restorer;
  • Speed Dial;
  • Vertical Toolbar;
  • Tree Style Tab

If you use my theme together with "Tree Style Tab", please go in "Tree Style Tab" add-on's settings and set the appearance to "Flat" or "Mix" to ensure it integrates better with my theme.
For add-ons such as "Tab Mix Plus" and "Classic Theme Restorer", please also go in their respective settings to improve the way it looks like when used together with my theme.



"Graphite" was created for all those who would like to use a different color variation of my original add-on and, at same time, to support me in keeping alive and expanding my self-initiated project which aims to develop/maintain a "Suite" of dark themes/skins for a wide range of popular softwares.



1) Before reporting it, first try to see if the issue is due to the theme itself. How? Enable the default theme and check if the issue is still there. If not, enable again the Graphite theme, but disable all other installed addons to check if the issue can be due to a conflict between addons.

2) If the issue is still there after disabling all other addons and if the default theme doesn t have that issue, try to reinstall again the theme.

3) If after trying what mentioned above the problem seems to be due to the use of Graphite theme, simply contact me by e-mail (you can find it on my website).
When sending an e-mail to report a bug, do not forget to tell me which operating system you are running on your computer, which version of Waterfox and Graphite theme you are using and if you have any operating system custom theme (it can also be a cause of the issue). Then, describe the most precisely you can the issue you are facing and, if possible, please, join a screenshot and/or a short video so I could see exactly how it looks. All that will help me to better understand what is the problem and to solve it quicker, if possible.
I can t promise that I ll manage to fix every problems and also in short time, but I ll do my best for it. I m working on my themes during my free time so it can take a bit time before fixing the issues.
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (593KB)
  • JAR (1MB)

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