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Author: J. Bartholomew Walker
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Biblical analysis not commentary.

Understanding Why "What Comes Around Goes Around" -A Monograph

We’ve all heard it. “Do unto others…” “Do the right thing for a good reason, and something good will happen to you.” “What goes around comes around.” “You will reap what you sow.” Even “comeuppance,” (usually used in the negative); has the implication of one presenting one’s self not so much for judgment, but for the imposition of a penalty. Here the judgment has already been made, but the penalty not yet imposed. Often the word karma is utilized, with a distinction being made with respect to good or bad karma.

Some in the religious communities will even state: “See God punished him.” But the truth is much simpler than that. In certain senses; whatever one chooses, one simultaneously chooses the opposite. If one chooses to give, one simultaneously chooses to be given to. If one chooses to steal, one simultaneously chooses to be stolen from.

Many do not believe this, simply because the mechanism is unknown.

Learn the mechanism.

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Publication date: April 2021 
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