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Ambition trumps love and romance, doesn’t it?

Holly sucks when it comes to choosing the perfect man, and at three duds for three, she’s turning her back on the dating game. Instead, she’ll embrace ambition, concentrate on her favored sport and her promise to her deceased mother—she’ll do her utmost to earn a place in New Zealand’s netball team, the Silver Ferns.

Burned by a rough divorce rugby player, Angus, isn’t interested in anything but casual relationships. That’s until he meets Holly. With common mindsets, they’re perfect together, but Holly is running scared and refuses to see their potential.

Given his public persona, wooing isn’t something Angus usually needs to practice. With Holly, he’s willing to work for each passionate kiss. If only the real world and their romantic histories didn’t keep creating roadblocks…

You’ll love this sports romance because it contains a talented but man-shy heroine, an alpha hero with a playboy reputation, their tentative friendship, and enough exes coming out of the woodwork to create their own sports team. Go, Holly! Go, Angus!
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