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Errata 06 Feb
Errors have been identified in the written instructions for the Cas cables. I have issued an updated pattern with corrections to existing customers. The most up to date pattern is titled Cas pattern 06.02.

Cas (pronounced ‘kos’, meaning to twist in Irish), is a tribute to the National Museum of Ireland’s collection of pieces from the Golden Age of Irish Art - specifically, items made during the 8th & 9th Centuries, featuring interlacing ribbon designs.

It is worked bottom up, beginning with just a few stitches, in single-row stripes of garter stitch. It features interlacing cable motifs worked in both colours, and is finished with an applied i-cord edging.

Knitting this shawl requires some attention and focus: the single row stripes are achieved by working two right-side rows, rearranging the stitches on your circular needle in between the rows. Then the knitting is turned and two wrong side rows are worked. Cables are worked in both colours, using one colour per cable strand. The cable stitches are slipped when working a row with the ‘other’ colour. Cable crossings are worked both with right side and wrong side facing, and some stitches are elongated to prevent the cable pulling in the fabric.

The cable instructions are given in both written and charted format.
If you choose to print this pattern, it may be helpful to note that the cable written instructions are on pages 8 - 10; the cable charted instructions are on pages 11 - 12.

Size (at gauge given).
Wingspan 192 cm / 75.5 inches. Depth 61 cm / 24 inches.

Fingering or 4 ply weight yarn in two colours in the following quantities:
Colour A 436 metres / 477 yards.
Colour B 418 metres / 457 yards.
Recommended yarn amount includes a 10% allowance for swatching, and slight variations in gauge.

Sample uses KDD & Co Milarrochy Tweed.
(70% wool / 30% mohair.  Single ply. 100m / 109 yards per 25g ball).
Colour A: Ardlui, 5 balls.
Colour B Stockiemuir, 5 balls.


19 sts & 46 rows per 10 cm / 4 inches in two-colour garter stitch worked flat.
Cable measures 10 cm / 4 inches across at widest point.
Differences in gauge will affect yarn usage and finished size.

3.25mm circular or size needed to achieve gauge, 80cm / 32” or 100 cm / 40” long. Needle should be long enough for 130 cm / 51” bind off edge.

Additional Materials
Darning needle for weaving in ends. 
Stitch markers.
Cable or double pointed needle (slightly smaller than gauge needle).
Spare circular needle, gauge or one size smaller, to be used when picking up stitches for i-cord edging.
For blocking: pins, towel, flat surface such as towel or foam mats etc.

This purchase is for a digital knitting pattern containing instructions to make your own version of the pictured handknit item.
You will get a PDF (5MB) file