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Riding Out the Rift: The Laura Harper Trilogy #2

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Two women. One mare. Who will win her?

When Trixie, a beautiful buckskin mare, arrives at the family farm for training, Laura instantly falls for her. The two quickly bond and the mother-to-be entertains hopes of keeping this horse for herself and her baby daughter, due later this month.

When her son’s girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him, Laura worries that his autoimmune disease will flare up again. Then a teenager comes to the farm for horse therapy and Laura is concerned by the girl’s eerie behavior. When she discovers the girl’s deep-rooted ties to the occult, Father Michael is urgently called in. But the teen proves a stubborn case to crack.

Meanwhile an elderly widow wants to buy Trixie, and Laura is torn between being selfish and doing the right thing. Matters aren’t helped by her husband Jack’s cutting remarks about being ‘overly emotional’ because of her ‘pregnancy hormones’ when she approaches him about purchasing the mare. Laura snaps and walks out on him.

Can Laura and Jack reconcile before the baby arrives? And can Laura let go of the mare she loves?
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