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The first in a series of short film collections that looks at the gay experience across South America. From Mennonite musings on the Amazonian savannah to wild Havana nights and bittersweet Rio love songs, if a rollercoaster of same sex desire is what you seek, The Latin Boys will take you there. 

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 45mins, HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles.

UNICORN dir. Rodrigo Bellott
A young German/Bolivian Mennonite risks his life to escape his strict religious Community to find love and freedom in the city.

THE GOOD FRIEND (EL AMIGO) dir. Erick Salas Kirchhausen
Peruvian Marcos confesses to Esteban that his relationship with his girlfriend doesn’t excite him anymore. That night both will discover the limits of their friendship.

MILA CAOS dir. Simon Paetau
Every weekend at an illegal drag show in the suburbs of Havana, Sebastián, a 17 year old Cuban teenager, transforms into ‘Mila Caos’.

PRAY FOR US dir. Andrés Madrigal Alvarado
In a Costa Rican gas station, a religious woman’s peaceful evening is interrupted by the sudden arrival of three punks on the run from the police.

CARLITO LEAVES FOREVER dir. Quentin Lazzarotto
In the Amazonian jungle, Carlito, a silent young man, decides to run away from his village.

I AM YET TO MAKE YOU A LOVE SONG dir. Henrique Arruda
Brazilian couple Greg and Alesandro feel one another. They move in step with one another. This is their love song.
You will get a MP4 (5GB) file