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Individual style refers to the unique way in which each person responds to events and people in the environment. The primary purpose of the ​Individual Style Survey​ is to provide a structured activity for self and interpersonal development and to help you discover more about your individual style.

In order to obtain a broadly based assessment of your individual style, it is useful to do a self-assessment as well as consult with other people that know you in different settings.

The Individual Style Survey was developed by Dr. Norman E. Amundson in 1989, and has a broad range of applications that vary from individual application, to workshop and classroom settings, as well as team and organizational development possibilities. The Individual Style Survey is simple to use with no training, all of the instructions including debriefing support is included in the package.

If you would like to learn more about the delivery of the Individual Style Survey through a workshop or group delivery and facilitated session, please reach out directly to for details.

*Note: the price $12.95 reflects a single use of the Individual Style Survey. If you are interested in licensing or having a multiple-use agreement, please connect directly with us for discounted group rate options.
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