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French Valentine's Day Jour de Saint-Valentin Activity BINGO Games

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Teach your students to identify and recognize La Saint-Valentin vocabulary words in French with this BINGO game. This print - and - go French Valentine's Day Vocabulary activity with 3 sets of 40 unique boards is perfect for French 1 class and beyond!

Your students will be engaged with this fun bingo game as they learn to identify Valentine's Day vocabulary words in French. These 3 sets of 40 unique playing boards will provide each student with their own set of French Valentine's vocabulary words to review. This bingo game is digital on Google Slides and printable. This set also includes cue cards for the teacher to make playing a breeze! This BINGO game set includes 3 different games: a word board, a word + pictures board, and pictures only board to vary how you play!

Here's what you get:

40 unique BINGO boards - one for each student!

3 different BINGO games: word only for black and white printing, word and picture for differentiation and student support, and picture only to challenge your students vocabulary skills.

- Teacher cue cards for easy, print and go, game play

Digital Boards in Google Slides to save ink

Printable PDF boards to laminate and reuse year after year

Included Vocabulary Words:

boîte aux lettres – poème – bonbon – bougie – quatorze – ami – rose – arc – gâteau – cadeau – accolade – hiver – coeur – amitié – flèche – couple – baiser – fleurs – la Saint-Valentin – Cupidon – lettre d'amour – amour – chocolat – février – ballons – carte – ours en peluche – message – appareil photo

How to use in your classroom:

Your students will love using this activity as a class game day to learn or review La Saint-Valentin vocabulary in French. They'll also enjoy you pulling out these game boards to fill the last 10 minutes of class or as a brain break activity. Students will gain critical practice with listening skills as they play and review pronunciation of Valentine's Day words in French.

Teachers like you said:

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ : "My students LOVED this adorable game! I printed 2 games to a page and had students fold their paper in half to only look at one game at a time. We played one side until we got a few winners and then started again on the other side for more mileage!" 6th grade teacher

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ :"My beginner level students love playing this bingo game. It gave them a great sense of confidence in their new language. We absolutely loved it and will be using it throughout the year for brain breaks as well." Middle School teacher

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