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I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your ELT classroom materials. The topics are very interesting, and they are absolutely visually appealing. Each time I browse the course materials on your website, it is like walking into a favourite clothing store and finding many attractive items. “

— Karmen - Teacher

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I’ve been using the lessons with my private EFL students for over 6 months now and they have really brought my classes to life. The first thing that struck me about the lessons was how visually appealing they were. They work well with my students because the images lead to a lot of discussion. I like that the lessons incorporate critical thinking skills and the discussion activities have more than one possible ‘correct’ answer. This means my students feel free to express their opinions without the fear of being wrong.”

— Chris Moszuti – Teacher

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Your materials have been a godsend, from teaching teens at my kitchen table, teaching distant learners online and teaching English for Business in the classroom. I also tutor a big plant manager one-on-one in his office, and many of the lessons have been perfect for him.”

— Amanda – Teacher – Algeria