Teacher Subscriptions

These subscriptions have been designed for teachers who enjoy our materials and want to make sure they get them all at the lowest price. If you like our materials and want to use them regularly, then becoming a subscriber means that you will get the materials more cheaply than buying them individually. As we grow, the quantity and quality of the content we produce will continue to improve, but what you pay will remain the same. These subscriptions also include webinar training sessions and recordings of each session to download.

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Teacher - Quarterly Subscription

every 3 months

Become a quarterly subscriber and download a copy of Digital Tools for Teachers - Second Edition + Digital Video a Manual for Language Teachers. You'll also get a minimum of 3 previously unpublished lesson plans each month + all new books or updated versions as they are released. The books and the first lesson plans are already waiting to be downloaded. Go to this link to see what's included this month: http://bit.ly/monthly-subs
Teacher - Yearly Subscriptions


Download our complete back catalogue of books and materials, as soon as you sign up. Go to this link to see what's included: http://bit.ly/yearly-subs