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Wealthy Lanna Davenport has the perfect life—and she hates it. She’s never fit the mold of upper class “princess” and would rather spend her life painting than let her overbearing mother parade her around for the eligible bachelors of her social circle…even if those suitors include Adam Munroe, the son of California’s most famous art dealer. When a handsome new gardener, Luke, turns up and shows her there’s more to art than putting color on canvas, Lanna eagerly starts to explore a world outside of what she’s been allowed to know.

But the surprisingly down-to-earth Adam makes it easy to be part of her own world and still be her unconventional self. As she grows closer to Adam but is tempted by the freedom Luke can offer, Lanna is faced with the first choice she’s ever made for herself:

Does she stay true to herself in the life she’s known, or does she paint beyond the canvas of her past and leave it all behind?

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