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Digital Product Idea Generator - Google Sheets template

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Digital Product Idea Generator

As someone with a passive income business that works creating content and digital products, I know how hard it is sometimes to come up with new ideas of things someone else can benefit from.

You may see thousands of online businesses or stores that sell different kind of digital products and you may feel tempted to try doing something similar. If deep inside you'd like to create something more unique and help others in relation to a topic you know well, but you don't know what to create, this Digital Product Idea Generator will be a gamechanger for you.

After you complete some sentences at the beginning of the template, using your business niche or a topic you want to teach about, you'll immediately be able to see 100 ideas 💡 of digital products generated below.

It's that simple! Just fill in with the topics that you know about and you'll find many ideas to start working on in order to sell online in your passive income business or as a side hustle. 

What will you receive with your purchase?

📓 An instructions PDF with the link of the Digital Product Idea Generator so that you can copy and use in Google Sheets. The PDF also includes a link to watch a tutorial on how to use the generator.

What will you need?

📂 A Google Drive account.


💸 I do not provide refunds! As this product is digital and you will get to keep the file, I cannot give you back the money you spent on it. I am so sorry about that.

💻 Remember you will be receiving a digital file (not physical), so in order to generate the ideas you need to open the file on your laptop using Google Drive (Google sheets, specifically)

😉 You can re-use the Digital Product Idea Generator as many times as you want for different topics and business niches. Just make a copy of the document inside Google Drive.

🙅 You cannot share, sell or publish the Digital Product Idea Generator. If I find out my product is on a different site, I will trace to get to the person that bought it from me and will take legal action.

📬 You will receive one pdf with instructions and links when you purchase. If you lose your document, send me an email with your receipt of the purchase and I will send another copy of the PDF to your email as soon as I can.

For any question related to the Digital Product Idea Generator, you can contact me on my Instagram account ( or by email (
You will get a PDF (2MB) file
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