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The Clean Hands™ book, which provides proper foundational performing and equipment fitting principles to help attain superior results over the past concerning golf as well as other activities

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An e-book that critically breaks swing and clubfitting workings down into smaller elements than ever done so previously and reassembles them more correctly than ever possible before. This creates a far more proper and valid foundation to further build upon than the game has ever concocted for itself in the past. And it results in being able to develop and improve swing and/or clubfitting skills and performances far more effectively than previously possible.

The principles as disclosed are foundationally universal in nature and can also be very effectually applied to countless other activities (both sporting and non-sporting in nature) to potentially profoundly improve at such activities and walks of life. For a more detailed description of the work if desired, which includes certain conditions of sale and use, please visit the main Clean Hands™ Book page at the WaggleWeight® LLC website.
You will get a PDF (5MB) file
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