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The Eternal Struggle - An Amorous Story

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Updated 22.4.22: The story first appeared in third person, but a year ago I changed the storytelling to first person. The narrative is set in Stockholm, Sweden in the early 70s. I've chosen the categories literary, contemporary & historical fiction

The story presents a psychological portrait of gender struggle between the two main characters, James is from the Caribbean and Maud is from Sweden. Both are full of themselves––two ego-strippers. The storytelling is character-driven, and the plot has a few surprises.

For years, James behaved like a playboy, shying away from a meaningful relationship until he began to feel like "a sex machine" and lonely. The time to turn a new page in his life had arrived. He had lost faith in meeting the right woman.

James then meets a woman of his dreams - she's attractive and intellectually stimulating. His old seductive tricks become a threat, but James is disciplined. On the first date, a heated discussion erupts, which threatens his dream.

James and Maud are argumentative and egoistic, and wage a battle of sexual politics against the other. Whether feminist Maud will stick to her gun or succumb to her affections remains a question. Former lady's man James has the choice of compromising to achieve his desire, by letting go of misogynistic inclinations – or walking away in despair.
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