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Write Your Story: Turn Your Life into Fiction in 10 Easy Steps

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Do you want to write your own life story but don't know how to turn real events into fiction?

Now with updated content!

This inspirational book shows you in 10 easy steps how to turn your life into a novel. It shows you how to:
  • Research your own life
  • Find the right genre for your life story
  • Create an engaging plot and story arc
  • Shape strong characters out of ‘real’ people
  • Use dynamic dialogue
  • Stop worrying about what people might think of your book

Write regularly and with confidence

Helena Halme is a bestselling author of 15 fiction and three nonfiction titles. She is a former BBC journalist, a translator, and a magazine editor, and began writing fiction after gaining an MA in Creative Writing. Her true love story, The English Heart, is a bestselling novel and has been downloaded thousands of times on Amazon.

In Write Your Story, Helena shares her experience in using her life as the inspiration for her books and shows you how easy it is to turn your life story into a fiction title.

Now with added writing tips and new advice on the process of turning your life into fiction.

Get this inspirational book and start writing your life story today!
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