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A malfunctioning cyborg…
When glitches in his cybernetic enhancements cause Max to flee Nina Station, he joins the crew of the spaceship, Kella, as their resident cyborg and head of security. Time is running short as Max searches for anything that will keep him from glitching so much that he becomes a threat to everyone around him. But when he sees his sexy roommate, a cure is the last thing on his mind.

A reformed pirate…
Inrit isn’t looking for a mate, even though the Detyen Curse means that without one she’ll die on her thirtieth birthday. After years of space piracy, she’s ready for a clean break and a new life. And the Kella promises to give her that. What she doesn’t count on is her smoking hot cyborg roommate with secrets of his own.While Max and Inrit struggle to overcome their differences and save one another, a threat from Inrit’s past draws ever closer, putting the entire crew at stake. And it will take a broken cyborg and an ex-criminal to save the day.

The denya bond will send them down a dangerous path where they will find redemption… or doom.

Cyborg is the fourth book in the Mated to the Alien series. Detyens are doomed to die at the age of thirty if they don’t find their fated mates in time. The series can be read in any order and there are no cliffhangers! Enjoy fated mates, steamy alphas, and plenty of space adventures.
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