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Shades of Night - Signed Paperback

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Shades of Night Paperback bundle

This paperback comes with a paperback and signed bookplate and bookmark. 
Comes in two packages. Book will arrive first and shortly after you will receive a signed bookplate and bookmark right from Rachael. 

Ships to UK, US, Canada and Australia. 
Price includes shipping with the exclusion of Australia, which has an additional $5 charge for shipping.

A prophecy of beauty and untold power.

They said I was destined to save every witch, my entire race, but life is never that cut-and-dried. I am Shade. After a demon attack left me scarred, the Night Order elders declared the prophecy broken, and my destiny along with it

No longer tied to fate, my sister Dellena and I chose our own path, cutting down every demon that crossed us, until the fateful day I pulled the demon-cursed Nora from the mud and the world around us began to unravel

War is upon us. The demons are gathering. Now, I must follow the destiny I thought had abandoned me
Will I be able to reverse the tides of war before the demons destroy us all?

Fated for greatness. Destined for pain.

Trigger Warnings: mentions of sexual assault, torture, death, and violence.