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Amydouxx SLC Touring and Photo Shoot on the Beach in Heels with Foot Play (HD 1920X1080)

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Amydouxxx doesn't let a little leg cast hobble her while on vacation. She still manages to wear one of her stylish heels while she gimps out with her friend to take photographs of the amazing seascapes and each other. However, she soon regrets her choice of footwear as they scout out different locations to shoot. It's hard enough to balance on a single heel and cast shoe; harder still when you’re trying to walk along beach gravel. She needs to find a place to rest where she can pull off her cast shoe and wiggle her exposed toes while she and her friend check out how cold they are. Her friend also takes the opportunity of taking some closeup photos of her and her casted foot. Nice closeups in this clip and between sexy cast girl and scenery we rate this one a must see.
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