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Insight Circle Membership

Insight Circle Membership With Nikon Gormley

160 USD Per month
(110 USD For the First 10x Founding Members). 
3x Group Calls Per Month.

First Session is Free. Cancel anytime.

Join me and a group of like-minded individuals on a mission  to significantly improve the quality of your life. 

Topics Covered:

- Effortless success (being at your best without the mental struggle)

- Harness the power of insight (more clarity, more creativity, more innovation)

- The 3 principles behind the human experience (understand how you work and how other people work

- Better wellbeing more of the time

- The nature of flow (and how to experience more of it)

- The nature of success 

- The nature of business and growth

- The nature of leadership

- The power of a quiet mind

- Engaging in your full, true potential in life, business and everything else

- Grounding (Going deeper)

This mastermind includes:

- 3x monthly calls via zoom (Recorded)

- Group discussions

- Q&As

- Exercises

- Weekly inspiration / motivation in a private telegram group

My wish for you is to live a life filled with good fortune, peace of mind, abundance, and unlimited possibility. 

All my best,


Insight Circle - Monthly Mastermind Membership

per month