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Soul Sisters | a drum machine trio

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This drumsamples pack doesn't introduce you to one, but three vintage drum machines !
Build at the same time and quite often isunderstood as being clones of each other, these small retro boxes each have their unique character and sound.

> The DR-55 features a rimshot sound, and a tone control. It was used by quite a bunch of artists in the past decades with a signature sound despite the few sounds and parameters.

> The Soundmaster SR-88 has a very delicate, soft, analogue sound and is perfect for electro tracks.

> The Amdek RMK-100 is the rarest of the bunch. It was sold as a DIY project, which makes it very hard to find nowadays. The sound is the rawest, acidest of the three, and while the kick drum is softer than a 808, the hi-hats are a true gem for any acid and electro lover.

We recorded them with the usual care, through a custom chain of gentle tube compression and a tube
preamp. We made several takes in order to capture the subtle analogue variations of each sound, and also processed them with some vintage hardware eq (and also some distortion on one kit, to make it dirtier and punchier). Any round-robin able softsampler will love to be fed by these analogue sounds !

This one-shot drum samples pack features more than 170 sounds.
Download here a free preview pack.
You will get a ZIP (15MB) file
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