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Mountainway Chant

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Adam Coulter has returned and is coping with the horrific events of sixteen months ago as best he can, but not everyone is happy about it. His best friend and new husband, Detective Eagle Woodard, doesn’t want to speak to him and it’s starting to look like his fifth marriage isn’t going to be anymore successful than his other four.

FBI Agent Rick Kessler and Navajo Reservation Police Lieutenant Carlos Aiello, Eagle’s cousin, have pulled a reluctant Adam into another case. Five bodies discovered at the site of a planned casino, all dressed and painted up as Native American mythological characters offer confusing clues. Are they dealing with another serial killer?

Fighting to stay clean and sober, Adam’s 12 step sponsor is murdered. At first it seems unrelated to what he saw in the desert, but evidence comes to light that says otherwise. Revelations concerning Adam’s past and his father, Richard Coulter’s, connections to the local crime syndicate boss, Nelson Greybill come to light.

Can Adam repair the damage he’s done to his relationship with Eagle so he can help him solve this case? Can he win back the only man he’s ever truly loved, or will the demons of his past win the battle for his soul?

PLEASE NOTE: This is the second book in a continuous series. For full enjoyment please read Warrior's Way before reading Mountainway Chant. Contains murder and mayhem, as well as dealing with an alcohol and drug addiction. If these are triggers for you, please skip this one!

5 Star Reviews for Mountainway Chant

"If you love.murder.mysteries with a touch of everything in it. This is for you. ~Love Bytes Reviews

"Both “Warriors Way” and “Mountainway Chant” are fast paced reads, filled with high emotions, that make them hard to put down. I wouldn’t even try to retell these stories as there’s just too much going on and both books deserve to be read." ~Goodreads Reviewer Maryann

"It was an incredible continuation of the story line, well written. Loved it!!" ~Goodreads Reviewer Barbara
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Nightway Chant


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