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Pineal Gland Activator 1 Mind Movie

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There are seven chakras in our bodies and the pineal gland is the 6th one. All of the chakras should be balanced for the optimal performance of the body and the mind. Pineal gland activation will help the 6-th chakra reach its potential, which includes clairvoyance, psychic abilities, imagination, and dreaming.

Pineal Gland Activator 1 subliminal reprogramming movie will awaken our minds ability for prophecy. A person who has achieved pineal gland activation will experience increased psychic awareness and psychic talents. Some people believe that supernatural powers will be initiated with pineal gland activation.

Besides increased psychic awareness, Pineal Gland Activator 1 subliminal reprogramming movie will help the pineal gland, or the third eye, to act as a stargate that can see beyond space and time. It also acts as a link between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Other benefits of pineal gland activation include telepathy and a greater level of perceptiveness that can go beyond this three dimensional world. There are three crystals in the pineal gland which help with this ability of visionary capacity. The three crystals are apatite, calcite, and magnetite. Apatite helps with inspiration, spiritual oneness, and psychic enhancement, while calcite is for the expansion of ones powers. Magnetite aids with mediation, visionary purpose, and establishing our experiences in the physical world. Together, all these three crystals create a cosmic antennae, which aids the transfer of signals between the different dimensional planes.

If all these benefits sound like something you want to experience, the next step is to learn how to achieve pineal gland activation. The most important step in activating the pineal gland is to raise the frequency in the body. This can be done through meditation, visualization yoga, chanting, dancing, drum sounds, Thai-Chi postures, Qigong positions, and using stereo grams. Any of these methods will open the third eye (the pineal gland) and help you to be able to see beyond the physical world. This process takes practice - with practice, you will be able to do this faster and more often.

Close your eyes and relax. Keep a steady posture with a straight spine and start observing your thoughts. You need to reduce your mind's chatter. If you do not have the Brow chakra fully activated go back to that until you do. If fear or doubts arise, you are not ready. Find out what you are afraid of and become conscious of it. When you are done, give out gratitude from your heart, for everything.

Pineal Gland Activator 1 subliminal reprogramming movie uses the 963Hz frequency, associated with the concentric telepathic alignment in the creation and extension of our collective vision.

The pineal gland, no larger than a pea, sits within the center of the brain, and at the center of much discussion about human kinds connection to the higher realm. It is the only part of the brain not separated from the body by the blood-brain barrier.

As we evolve as multidimensional beings, the piezoelectric calcite crystals of the pineal gland act as receivers of light and information. Pineal Gland Activator 1 subliminal reprogramming movie serves to access, activate, and increase the "secret of the brain".

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