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This is a course for adult women only. We are leveling up and making money in this course. All of our discussions are centered around spirituality & ancestor connections. We discuss topics that include sex and sex work, self love, astrology, hoodoo, ancestors & family trees, hair care, skin care, diet & healthy eating, travel, dating & marriage. This is a glow up journey for the woman who is ready to live her best life. Period. The fee is $49.99/month.



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2 months ago

Well worth the monthly investment

I've followed Heauxlistic Therapy for a few years and am always amazed by the wealth of information she possesses and her willingness to share. I'm also very inspired by her self-advocacy and her (boundaried) desire to help women course correct and rise. (I note that her desire for women's wellness is "boundaried" because she emphasizes self-preservation; she doesn't encourage anyone to help others at the expense of the self. I think this is a very healthy message.) If you've ever benefited from the wisdom she's shared in her YouTube videos (or found yourself crying with laughter at her delivery style), I think you will appreciate this opportunity to discuss interesting topics in the group setting she facilitates.

Infinite L.

Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Great Experience- Enroll Ladies!

I have taken each monthly course since Nosey launched. I’ve incorporated as part of my self-care to make sure I’m checking in with myself and any goals I’ve set. There is a wealth of information. Plus an opportunity to share and discuss our progress in the course. If you work a lot like me, you can move at your own schedule and catch the recordings. Invest in yourself $50 month, and apply yourself to do the coursework and be the best you. You have to do the work to expect results!


2 months ago

An amazing learning experience

I've gotten so much out of this course. From being able to learn, share, and participate with a group of like minded women has really benefited me in and outside of the course. Please ladies, take the course!


Verified Buyer

4 months ago

So much knowledge

I have had an amazing time and experience while taking this course. Being able to share knowledge with other women in a private setting really brings down the barriers or learning and asking questions, and honest dialog. I am grateful for the experience, and there's nothing out there that holds a candle to the Heauxlistic Therapy Healing and Growth Course.


6 months ago

Amazing! This is an investment!

Great course! There was so much knowledge about herbs and books in the first session alone. She invited a tarot card reader, the first time I've ever gotten a reading but certainly not the last. The reader Queen Cancer Tarot was incredible and the discussion was very insightful. It feel like there is going to be some amazing progress and growth made here so this is an investment! So excited for what Nosey has in store for this course!