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This video is a mini meditation that focuses on your root chakra to help you if you are struggling with any issues to do with your finances, feelings of safety, survival or having challenges with getting your basic needs met, whatever they may be.It will help you to find relief if you're feeling stress or anxiety about any of the things mentioned above.

The colour we will be focusing on is the colour RED which resonates with the I AM meaning of this chakra and you have the wonderful option of doing this meditation either with your eyes closed or open as I have created a video with a hypnotic red image for you to gaze upon should you wish.

As this is a quick 10 minute meditation it can easily be done practically anywhere at any time. After doing it you will feel stronger and more grounded and secure in your body and in the world.

May you feel truly loved, safe, supported and secure in every way now and always.

❤ Renee

Important notes:

💜Download limit = x3 times. Please make sure to save your download as soon as you can as it is not possible to resend it after the three downloads have taken place.

💜 Please do not listen to or watch this audio whilst driving or operating machinery. 
You will get a MP4 (432MB) file

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