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Grinning Skull's Historical Reference series: 1913 Modern Building Ideas & Plans

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Grinning Skull present: Historical Reference series, Homes and Dwellings 1913 Modern Building Ideas & plans by General Roofing Manufacturing Co (1913)

This range of publications delves into the architectural past to reveal the wide variety of modern and old dwellings and homes. The plans presented are intended to aid Games Masters in such modern game settings from 1913 to the present (or indeed near future!) and allow easy access to actual a large selection of building choices to insert into their games, over and over.

The selection presented is taken from the 1913 General Roofing Manufacturing Co brochure from the public domain, and are representative of the modern forward thinking designs of that day, thus they are suitable for any genre setting from 1913 and up.
You will get a PDF (20MB) file

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