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Foraged verb wandered in search of food or provision

This seems to keep happening. Some adorable tiny thing pops into my head, demanding to be knit. I try to resist for at least a little while (why, I ask myself, would anyone possibly need a tiny knitted mushroom). Resistance proves absolutely futile.

I knit one, thinking it will calm the urge. I show it to people, sometimes with a bit of trepidation lest they think me odd. But somehow everyone else is just as taken with it as I am. So I knit more. And more. And more.

And then I find myself writing a pattern. And I'm always just a little bit scared that it will turn out that no, no one but me actually likes these silly things (and everyone who said nice things about them on instagram or the blog was just being polite and humoring me when I had that look in my eye).

But so far that hasn't happened. So far quite a few of you have been as smitten as I am (which leads to you showing me all the adorable things you make, which just absolutely makes my day). So let's see if the trend holds. Let's see if you love the mushrooms as much as I do.

You'll want at least two different yarns for this (one for the caps and one for the undersides). No single mushroom took more than about 25 yards of each (though of course, if you knit lots of them, you'll need more yarn as you make more mushrooms). You'll also want some stuffing to fill them with (I use inexpensive spinning fiber, but polyester or even cotton balls work fine). And you'll want to track down some thick straws (like the kind they have at places that serve milkshakes or smoothies or bubble tea) for the stems (if you decide to hear this as 'I've been ordered to go get a milkshake,' I won't object!).

You can get even fancier with them and sneak in all sorts of weights and magnets if you enjoy that sort of thing (it's all in the pattern, don't worry), but it's optional. All except the tiniest of them will stand up surprisingly well on their own, especially if you have a spare coin or washer hanging around to tuck in the base (the very tiniest ones will probably need to lean on a friend).

And if you’re wondering about the knitting itself, I promise it’s fun and not hard! If you’ve never made something 3D before, don’t worry, the pattern is extremely detailed (really, it’s 24 pages long…it holds your hand the whole way through). I’ve got a five-page photo tutorial showing you every step of the process. And I’ve included all sorts of helpful tips on everything from what to fill them with to how to block them to when to weave in your ends to how to make them stand up. I’ve totally got you covered, you can absolutely do this!

These are perfect for you if:
- You suddenly feel like your little [leaflings][1] need a whole woodland habitat to play in
- You've got a big bunch of yarn scraps you're suddenly thinking of in a brand new light

They’re not for you if:
- You fail to see the charm of teeny tiny useless things
- You don’t like charts (the pattern uses charts)

You will get a PDF (4MB) file