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"ALL of the Billiard Gods (10) Books" - Bundle Deal

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All the Pool books by the Author!! This is the maximum savings possible! Books included in the package include:


Why Pool Hustlers Win!!

This book is provided to help players recognize and stop sharking and hustling tricks. In the interests of sportsmanship, please use this material to shut down players who want to win by rattling your confidence.

Billiards Skills Competition Training Program

This self-paced program begins by precisely identify your current comfort zones! THAT tells you exactly where to focus practice sessions. Test groups include Intermediate and Advanced levels. PDF Logbooks are included.

Basic Defense & Safety Fundamentals

Solid introduction to effective use of safeties and defensive shots can win more games. This training guide helps you select the best shot for the situation (offense or defense).

Drills and Exercises

For players who understand the importance of focused skill development (practice). Regardless of your practice time (daily, weekly), these exercises and drills will improve your skills.

Safety Toolbox

Learn the best ways to trick and trap your opponents into helping you win. Discover ways to identify and use your opponent's weaknesses and strengths to YOUR advantage.

The Art of War vs. The Art of Pool

If Sun Tzu (2500 years ago) played pool, this is how he would teach strategy & tactics. This is the Philosophy of War as it applies to the Philosophy of Pool!

Advanced Cue Ball Control Self-Testing Program

Preparation for serious competition!! The book is filled with layouts with a simple purpose - pocket the 1 Ball and then the 2 Ball.

Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets

This book relieves pain and suffering from failed position attempts!! It replaces the agony of failure with the pure satisfaction of successful cue ball control.

Basic Cue Ball Control Fundamentals

Provides a combination of fundamental details and hands-on exercises to rapidly advance your skills .

The FAQs of Pool & Pocket Billiards

More than 200 pages of material about basic skills, knowledge, game rules, pool term definitions.


Books are in PDF format. For BEST viewing results, use the Adobe Reader app on each of your smart devices. Study anytime you have a waiting moment. Display layouts at the practice table.

You will get the following files:
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  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (16MB)
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  • PDF (10MB)
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