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Discover Valencia: Your Essential Guide to Living and Loving Life in Spain

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Travel Guide to Valencia Spain, Relocation Tips, Spain Expat Guide, Best Neighborhoods in Valencia

* 85 pages digital guide (including the covers)

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Table of Contents:

1. why valencia  

2. research, preparation and move 

3. finding a place to live 

4. neighborhoods in Valencia 

5. getting around: Public Transportation and Beyond 

6. navigating the Spanish healthcare system 

7. must-see attractions and activities 

8. restaurants and cafes - my top picks 

9. adapting to the Spanish lifestyle: cultural differences 

10. Valencia at night 

Valencia attracts many visitors who fall in love with the city and want to move, relocate, just like I did. I moved from Los Angeles to Valencia over three years ago and have been living here ever since. My experience inspired me to create this guide, which is the best resource for anyone looking to make the move or just visit this city as a tourist. From finding a place to live to exploring the neighborhoods, must-see attractions, and best restaurants, this guide has it all. You will discover this city inside and out, you'll be well-prepared to adapt to your new home. With this guide in hand, you'll be able to make a smooth and successful transition to life in Valencia, just like I did.

You will get a PDF (77MB) file