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In this small business bundle, you get 13 documents created in Excel and Word and 2 checklists.

These include:
  • A budget tracker
  • A capacity tracker
  • 2 Invoice templates
  • A meeting actions template
  • A purchase order template
  • A task list template
  • A hashtag tracker
  • 2 attendance trackers
  • A business letter template
  • An attendance tracker checklist
  • A digital downloads checklist
  • An Invoice/Order reconciliation template
  • A social media analytics report template
These documents will help you monitor income/expenditure, keep an eye on your capacity, social media analytics, tasks, attendance and much more.

With templates for invoices, letters, purchase orders, meeting actions and more.

This bundle saves you £10 on the individually priced documents, plus you get files that aren't available on their own.

These files were created in Microsoft 365 so please make sure they're compatible with your software as we do not refund on digital products.
As there are minimal sums/functions in them they should be ok and they should also be compatible with Google Sheets and Docs - but please do check before you purchase.
You will get the following files:
  • XLSX (65KB)
  • XLSX (77KB)
  • PDF (141KB)
  • XLSX (33KB)
  • DOCX (45KB)
  • XLSX (15KB)
  • PDF (105KB)
  • DOCX (17KB)
  • XLSX (32KB)
  • XLSX (33KB)
  • XLSX (12KB)
  • DOCX (16KB)
  • XLSX (24KB)
  • XLSX (421KB)
  • XLSX (5MB)
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