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Survey of Allied Tank Casualties of World War II - Technical Memorandum ORO-T-117

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by Alvin D. Coox and L. Van Loan Naisawald, The Director, Operations Research Office, Ft. Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C., 1 March 1951, 166 pages, biblography, 6 appendices, 36 tables, 30 figures. Contents: Summary; Casusation (Gunfire; Land Mines; Hollow Chagre Weapons; Mortar Fire; Miscellaneous (plus Multiple), Enemy Weapon; Micellaneous, Non-Enemy Weapons); Range (Gunfire; Hollow Charge Weapons); Site of Hits (Gunfire; Hollow Charge Weapons); Caliber of Enemy Gunfire (North Africa; Sicily and Italy; European Theater of Operations); Fire Damage and Repairability of Tank Casuaklties; Personnel Casualties; Tank Target Analysis; Appendix A: Operational Charts; Appendix B: French Tank Casualty Data; Appendix C: Land Mine Warfare Data; Annex: German Land Mine Employment; Appendix D: Tank Production Data; Appendix E: German Tank Casualty Data (Annex 1: Statistical Analysis of Tank Losses by Causes in German-Soviet War; Annex 2: German Estimates and Comments on Their Own Tank Casualties; Annex 3: Soviet Data on German Tank Casualties; Annex 4: US Employment of Land Mines; Annex 5: Antitank and Antipersonnel Mines; Annex 6: Bazookas and Panzerfaust; Annex 7: Examination of Causes for Rendering Tanks Inoperative); Appendix F: List of Allied Armored Units Studied by Theater. A Merriam Press Military Archives PDF file. FREE

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