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BLANK TO BRILLIANT: write a blog post course

An in-depth online course taking you from blank page to finished blog post.

Struggling to write a decent blog post or content article?

The Blank to Brilliant: write a blog post online course is a self-paced course that teaches you exactly how to write a professional-level blog post or content article of a publishable standard.

That's where this in-depth online course comes in. You'll learn how to find great blog ideas and how to structure them into well-written articles that will get attention online.

No more blank pages!

Imagine being able to sit down at your computer, open up a blank document, and know exactly what to write without even thinking about it. That's the power of this course – it will help you take your writing skills from average to amazing in no time at all. And once you finish the course, you'll be able to apply those same skills to any blog post or content article time and time again.

Sign up for this step-by-step online course today and start improving your blog posts and content articles immediately!

About the course

The practical and in-depth video lessons, coupled with templates and valuable exercises, build upon each other to ensure you start with a blank page and end up with a complete, researched and well-written blog post that you can use as part of your own business’s marketing, or for the place you work for, or your hobby blog.

This online course is easy to follow and gives you the confidence to write great blog posts that will become second nature.

Inside the course, you’ll learn my unique method for writing blog posts that are engaging and informative. You’ll also learn how to come up with ideas for new blog posts regularly.

It’s the equivalent of a two-day in-person, in-depth masterclass where you learn from a professional copywriter, blogger and author. But you can do it from home, in the comfort of your pyjamas. And go at your own pace, so those lessons really sink in.

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Course curriculum

Includes templates to accompany the activities to help you write the best blog post you can.

What people are saying

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'I enjoyed my training and thought it was perfect for my learning. Having a mix of theory and practical with the activities was a great way to put my learnings to practice and completing a couple with Vanessa there really allowed me to gain even more knowledge from her. The experience has been exceptional and the style and type of training and Vanessa’s teaching methods really helped me take away a lot of learnings I find myself using daily.'​

Antonia C, The Hospital Research Foundation

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'Vanessa’s blogging course came into my life at the perfect time. Feeling fatigued by social media, I was ready to go back to blogging to create quality, long-term content. Vanessa’s course went into great detail to help me understand why blogging is essential for small business owners and most importantly how to create a professional blog post. The course breaks down the blog post creation process step-by step and includes handouts and checklists for each step. The most significant change I have made to my blogging style is writing a great intro paragraph to get readers hooked in their first few seconds on my website. This course is invaluable if you want to get started with blogging or take your writing to the next level.'

Emma Polette

Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to reach a wider global audience.
  • Small business owners who are ready to attract more customers or clients.
  • Bloggers or website owners who are ready to up their game to become professional or want to make money.
  • Professional writers that want to add blogging to their tool kit.
  • Marketing professionals that want to impress their boss or increase skillset.
  • People interested in leadership or want to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.
  • Hobby writers or bloggers that want to learn some fundamental blogging skills.

Write the perfect blog post now

6 month access - one time payment


One month access - MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION cancel anytime

per month

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