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Forty Hadeeth for Muslim Youth & Beginners

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An Easy Introduction to the Study of the Prophet's Narrations!

This collection of 43 brief "one-liner" Hadeeth narrations is an easy first step for beginners and young learners who wish to study the Hadeeth of our noble Prophet (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace). Important, inter-connected topics are covered in well-organized chapters, with narrations that build essential foundations in Islamic creed, worship, and manners. Each Hadeeth has been carefully selected and quoted precisely from the most authentic sources, Saheeh al-Bukhari and Saheeh Muslim, and explained with five clear points of benefit.

The advantage of limiting the narrations to the two Saheeh compilations of al-Bukhari and Muslim is more suitable for young learners and beginners. This creates a "safe zone" and ensures the authenticity of the narrations, essentially delaying any need to introduce matters connected to the intricate nature of the authentication process employed by Hadeeth scholars. This facilitates the ability to focus on the primary goal of this collection: the basic meanings and how to implement them.


When paired with our forthcoming workbooks and teachers' manual (in shaa' Allah), this collection is ideal for two full semesters of Hadeeth classes at Islamic schools.


Reading any one of these narrations and its quick list of brief lessons with a small group of youth or beginners could be done in a single sitting of just a few minutes. May Allah bless this work and make it beneficial for those who study it.
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الأربعون القصار للمتعلمين الصغار - نسخة خاصة بالجوالات


40 Easy Hadeeth [MOBILE VERSION]