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Trident Of Wealth by Siddhartha Neupane

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"Does luck make people wealthy? If so, am I lucky?" I searched for the answer to questions like these a lot. After about five years, I have managed to gather some answers. 

This book is written from the teachings given by spiritual teachers and it will give you an idea about:

1. What destiny is

2. How are some people lucky when it comes to money

3. How to smartly build your own luck

4. How to prevent financial losses the spiritual way

5. How so sustain wealth

By the time you finish this book, you should be able to understand why certain individuals get wealthy and others don't, and how to make sure you get wealthy.

You don't have to believe in everything that is written. You are free to make your own conclusions.

On a personal level, this book is designed with great care and hope to illuminate people.

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