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Knowing how to print documents that you’ve created in Excel is an essential skill.

Think how many pieces of paper have been wasted over the years because someone didn’t know how to format an Excel document for printing. Or how many people have had to sit there and hold a second page with just one last column on it up to the first page to see the row labels for the data table they printed.

These mistakes can be avoided if you just understand the basics of printing in Excel.

In this guide you’ll learn how to print a header row or identifying column on each page, how to scale your document so that you never have one column or one row that prints on an extra page all by itself, how to add page numbers to your documents, and much much more.

It’s not hard to master and it’s well worth learning. So do it today.

The Easy Excel Essentials series of titles are meant to cover one specific topic of interest to users who know the basics of how to navigate Excel but want to increase their knowledge in that one particular area. If you want to increase your Excel knowledge in a more general way, see the Excel Essentials series which consists of Excel for Beginners, Intermediate Excel, and 50 Useful Excel Functions. In that series, printing is covered in Excel for Beginners.
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