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Fit Feet for Life

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The foot—loved by some, hated by others, but mostly criminally neglected. Thanks to this book, the foot will now get the attention it deserves!
Fit Feet for Life draws attention to our feet and the big toe. It will take you on an entertaining and richly illustrated journey from the evolution of the two-legged, barefoot pedestrian to the modern sneaker and the twists and turns of modern orthopedics and insoles.
Marco Montanez presents his foot fitness concept, "Toebility," which is guaranteed to strengthen your feet and help with common foot problems such as hallux valgus and heel spur. Using his Toebility concept, Marco gives 19 different exercises for the feet, all with accompanying photos.
With this guide, you will finally get your feet fit for life!

Marco Montanez, also known as "the Big Toe," is the barefoot expert. He brings the topic of feet forward and onto the big stage. As an expert in biokinematics and fascia training, he has inspired thousands and won over therapists and trainers for his Toebility concept. He currently resides in Germany.
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