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12 CASE STUDIES: Treatment Intervention and Documentation Examples for Occupational Therapists Working in Skilled Nursing Facilities

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This book was written by a practicing occupational therapy assistant, evaluated (peer-reviewed) for information and proficiency. A concise case-by-case guide using mock patient profile to reflect frequently seen scenarios. Occupational therapy, despite being a great profession to work in, therapists and students need solutions, ideas, and a refresher. The reader will be guided on how to use this book effectively with step-by-step instructions. This book focuses on unique treatment interventions, documentation formation, medical history assessment for current and prior level of functioning in order to create excellent treatment goals while enhancing clinical expertise of students and practicing clinicians. You will find treatment intervention tips, documentation examples, simplified muscle and balance scales, up to date rehabilitation abbreviation and therapeutic exercises.

Bonus: How to motivate the unmotivated? 6 rebuttal tips to decrease patient refusal.

Twelve case studies addressed:
1) Stroke
2) Dementia
3) Congestive heart failure
4) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
5) Bilateral knee amputation
6) Lymphedema
7) Total hip replacement
8) Cancer
9) UTI, E-Coli & MRSA
10) Parkinson disease
11) Contracture
12) Coronary artery bypass graft

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