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Sheryl's Last Stand

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Broke, homeless, and addicted to chocolate, will Sheryl chase her dream or remain tied to her mother's purse strings?

Sheryl, on the wrong side of thirty-five, has seen better days. She has lost her job, her home, and the ability to say no to her mother: a woman with as much sensitivity as a comedian.

Sheryl, a soft touch, is wilting in a sea of whiskey and American Wrestling. She spends her nights rooting for Johnstone, a wrestler as believable as Die Hard.

Until Sheryl discovers belly dancing.

Sheryl is a natural at belly dancing and dreams of performing in the sort of costume that would have her mother choking on her “you’re too fat” comments. So when the wrestlers come to town, Sheryl grabs her chance. She wins tickets to the wrestling event and the opportunity to not only meet Johnstone but Bellydance.

Sheryl feels hopeful until her mother finds out.

Will Sheryl grab her chance or toss her coin belt along with her dreams, to the wind?

Sheryl’s Last Stand is the first in the Bellydancing and Beyond series. If you like fast-paced books that make you laugh, then you will love Kerrie Noor’s wonderfully funny Bellydancing series.

Buy Sheryl’s Last Stand today to watch Sheryl shimmy towards a life worth getting out of bed for.
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