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Are you listening or just waiting to speak?

Are you listening or just waiting to speak? is a clear and pragmatic guide and toolkit for leaders and managers at work and, well, just about anyone who wants to communicate and influence more effectively!  It is full of intelligent perspectives on listening and its principles, challenges and benefits, highlighting the importance and impact of good quality listening, recognising the challenges and pitfalls into which we can all too easily fall - and what to focus on to make a difference for others, and yourself.  

Are you listening or just waiting to speak? will propel your business relationships and will enable you to:

  1. Discover WHY listening well is critical both in life and in business
  2. Uncover the myths of listening
  3. Learn 11 principles of active listening
  4. Recognise the challenges to active listening
  5. Discover how developing your listening skills can benefit YOU
  6. Gain 5 top tips in developing YOUR listening skills
  7. Understand two different types of listening
  8. Distinguish between hearing and listening
  9. Reflect on your own listening habits
  10. Develop your communication skills to a higher level


A quick and essential read for anyone who wants to improve their impact and relationships both in and out of work. Jane captures the contribution we can make as leaders by truly listening in every aspect of our lives. The tips help provide structure for practising these listening skills, which we often unconsciously neglect - Kathryn Marriott, Head of Commercial Marketing, Global Group.

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