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Daybreak Legion

Sapparot, who was perfect in almost every way, was a professional fighter who has been seeking new challenges every time was invited to take part in a tournament next to a research lab that was performing dangerous experiments involving dimensional travel. One day, the experiment went haywire and monsters came out from a portal, killing everyone. Only he was strong enough to survive their attacks, and he kept fighting them. He acquired more powers after fighting more monsters. Eventually he entered the Chaos Dimension, otherwise more popularly known as Hell, and died in battle, but his body still lived on to keep fighting monsters. Sapparot's soul reincarnates back to 40 years ago and was reborn as Draco.

Draco spent his life as an imperfect human being, struggling in human relationships and getting good jobs, and had no fighting skills. At 40 he was single and had a mediocre job and was living a mediocre lifestyle which was nothing much to boast about, but he was happy with his freedom. One day, he receives a present in his mail, and touching it caused him to remember his past life as Sapparot, and his other past lives, who were actually alive at present time since he travelled through time to be reincarnated every time. He then remembered that in most of his past lives, he was part of this major battle against the New World Order, an organization controlling the world from behind the scenes. He used the knowledge that he re-acquired to link up with other versions of himself living in present time to form the Order of Witches and Assassins, a network of a legion of heroes with diverse talents to counter any threats in the world.

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