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450 KAKURASU Puzzles (8x8)

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Looking for a logic puzzle? These 450 Kakurasu Puzzles are great for all ages! Improve your logic skills, focus, and patience by figuring out which cells in the 8x8 grid need to be shaded and which should be left blank.

This puzzle book features:
★ 450 Puzzles: six per page and no repeats!

★ Volume 1: features puzzles that are unique from other volumes in the series!

★ Difficulty: 8x8 grid

★ Font Size: large print font-size for the numbers so anyone can play.

★ Margins: ample space surrounding the puzzles

★ Paper Size: the pages are standard letter size (8.5x11" / 21.59x27.94cm).

There are hours of fun to be had with this book of Kakurasu puzzles.

Book Details:
  • 450 kakurasu puzzles (unique with no duplicates)
  • Letter-size pages (8.5x11" / 21.59x27.94cm)
  • 154 pages

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