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Self-Care for Brown Girls

Self-Care for Brown Girls is the first step in the direction towards change. The type of change that you know you want and need to create in your life. It is our natural human desire to feel love, to be nurtured, and cared for. The most important piece that we don’t practice enough of, is the ability to cultivate that love from the inside out on a consistent basis. Adopting a self care practice is the initial step in cultivating self love. Small but significant acts of kindness towards yourself can be applied every day. It may seem weird at first, because no one taught us how to do this. Just think about it, your mother probably taught you self care in the form of personal hygiene and basic grooming, but what were you taught about self-care beyond that point? 

In this ebook, we have constructed helpful ways to take care of yourself. Self-Care is a practice, it is self-evolution inner work that will help you to live a limitless and full life. Self-Care for Brown Girls matter because our lives must matter to us. Self-Care for Brown Girls was created to start a massive mind shift in this area of women's lives, is the driving motivation in creating Self Care for Brown Girls. Now it is time to serve from your overflow and self-preserve your inner FLYness. 


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