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Weight Loss Programme

To help you get the body you desire and deserve.

Weight Loss Over Zoom

Imagine your very own hypnotherapist helping you to lose weight from the privacy of your own home.

The Weight Loss Programme Details

You’ll receive a full consultation prior to your first hypnotherapy session, and your weight loss programme will be personalised for you.

You’ll enjoy four weekly full-length hypnotherapy sessions over Zoom to help you:

  • gain control over your portion size
  • choose healthier foods
  • choose foods that will help you to lose weight
  • help you say “No” to unhelpful or fattening foods
  • still eat out
  • still eat with your family
  • not feel like you’re on a diet!

You’ll also learn self-hypnosis so that you’ll have all the help and information you need to help you succeed.


Weight Loss - 4 x Zoom Sessions


Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm not happy with my purchase can I get a refund?

You’ll have a full consultation before your hypnotherapy session. This will give you time to assess whether or not I’m the right person to help you lose weight. You can request a refund after this consultation if you feel you don’t wish to continue on to the hypnotherapy part of your session. Once you’ve begun the hypnotherapy, however, no refund will be given.

How does appointment scheduling work?

Once you've paid for the programme, you'll immediately be able to choose a convenient time for your first appointment.