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The offered product is a LICENSE enabling COMMERCIAL USE of the software.
  • Product:
  • Version: v.5.0
  • Number of workstations / Format: As per variant selected


IMPORTANT: The number of workstations does not relate to the final distribution of your end-product to your end-users. In typical cases the number of workstations is a way to measure the scale of the process of design and/or development and/or creation and/or manufacturing of your product.

  • A workstation is a device, a remote device, or a virtual device, used by you, your employees, or other entities to whom you have commissioned the tasks.
  • For example, the number of workstations may refer to the number of software developers, engineers, architects, scientists, and other professionals who use the PRODUCT on your behalf.
  • The number of workstations is not the number of copies of your end-product that you distribute to your end-users.
  • By purchasing the COMMERCIAL LICENSE, you only pay for the number of workstations, while the number of copies of your final product (delivered to your end-users) is not limited.

You only buy a license. You can download the software at any time from the below locations:
  • .NET platform: please use Nuget
  • Java / Android: please use MAVEN
  • Source Code: please use GitHub
  • Software documentation: please use

Before purchasing please read the LICENSE TERMS for NON-COMMERCIAL USE and COMMERCIAL USE.

Please note that we only make transactions with companies (B2B model only).

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or use the contact form.
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