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Dia's the only cheerleader on the team bus filled with excited, champion ball players, managers, a middle-aged co-coach, and Mr. Dean, the one teacher / coach Dia'd open her lovely thighs wide for, anytime and anywhere, and secretly already has. Dia would do ANYTHING for her man's pleasure. So, Mr. D will test his girl's trust and love for him, because the man has a banging hot surprise for her AND his teenaged athletes, on the long ride home after their championship win. There will be slippery hot fun for all, as sweet Dia opens wide for her first willing gangbang. "Gentlemen, get in line."

_16,006 words


Table of Contents:

Falcons’ Team Bus—Night, Post Game

Team Bus—Her First Man - Coach Dean

      _Dia Strips for Coach

      _Dia Fellates Coach

      _Dia’s Throatfuck Fun

      _Dia Swallows Coach’s Cum

      _Dia’s Cunnilingus Fun

      _Dia Fucks Coach

Team Bus—Mr. Dean’s Fuck Laws

Team Bus—Who Fucks Her Next?

Team Bus—Side Games

Team Bus—Good Friend Stevie’s Turn

Team Bus—More Men

Team Bus—Gay Mr. Jones Assfucks Dia

Team Bus—Lesbian Ms. Smith Fingerfucks Dia

Team Bus—Co-Captain Yune, the Lover

Team Bus—Mr. Cross, the Roughneck

Team Bus—Dia Gets Rough Used

Team Bus—Co-Coach Carlson and More Boys

Empty Team Bus—School Parking & a Driver

Empty Team Bus—Mr. Dean Takes a Second Fuck


[excerpt, Full Short Story ON SALE] Dia’s Coach (1)

Synopsis_Dia’s Coach (1)

Mr. Dean’s House—Late Friday Night

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Dia's Coach (1)_epub


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Dia's Team Bang (3)_kindle


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