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What if you could heal from depression in 90 days after suffering for several years?

The Mommy Mental Makeover Program is an accelerated healing approach to recovering from depression and trauma that will help you get unstuck and finally begin to live the life of your dreams.

Let’s bust some myths about depression and trauma:

Depression is NOT something that will just go away on its own. It will stay there until you do the work to make it leave.

Depression CANNOT be healed alone. You need someone to help guide you through the journey to recovery and make sure you don’t have relapses in your emotional state.

Talk therapy is not effective in healing trauma unless it is coupled with mental health coaching and other nontraditional treatment techniques.

You are NOT overreacting. Trauma makes you feel stuck in life because you were never able to process what happened to you or your feelings about it so you could move forward.

If you are not receiving coaching from a mental health professional, then you are setting yourself up for failure when it comes to getting better.

You’ll be right back where you started because you were not given the right strategies or tools to heal. AND you were not taught HOW to use the tools given.

Most Mamas suffering from depression and unhealed trauma are tired of feeling like they are undeserving of happiness and joy.

Are you one of the Mamas who has tried everything to start your healing… only to fall short and beat yourself up for even giving it a try?

Don’t beat yourself up.

It happens to the best of us.

What you need is clear and truthful guidance on what you need so you can know exactly what to do to HEAL FOR REAL. 

You’ve probably tried journaling your way out of bad thoughts only for them to return.

You’ve probably tried to go on a vacation, but when you got back, so did the depression.

You’ve probably been replaying the traumatic moments in your mind only to be easily triggered by those around you.


You CAN set goals and ACTUALLY achieve them because you will have a coach to be right there beside you.

You CAN have healthier relationships than the ones you grew up with because you’ll get to create a community of people who love you. 

You CAN truly be happy and experience satisfaction in life in because you will have unlocked the superpower to change negative thoughts.

What is a Mommy Mental Makeover™?

A Mommy Mental Makeover is a mental and emotional transformation that mothers experience after engaging in a virtual 90-day "tribid" program that includes an online course, live group coaching, and one-on-one support with a maternal mental health professional who teaches effective resilience strategies to combat mood disturbances and life stressors. Mothers offer one another a sisterhood of support as they reflect on their shared journeys through motherhood and now their mental and emotional healing.

The Mommy Mental Makeover will:

Enable you to heal on your terms so you can stop neglecting yourself.

The Mommy Mental Makeover will:

Boost your confidence in being a woman and mother so you don’t ever doubt yourself again.

The Mommy Mental Makeover will:

Teach you how to reclaim the time you lost from being beaten down by depression and trauma.

The Mommy Mental Makeover will:

Help you find your true voice so you can get your needs met and never go unfulfilled in life again.

Transformation is real

This is NOT like therapy where you just vent and eventually arrive at an answer. That takes too long when you need healing NOW.

This is NOT like other coaching programs where you have to wait days or even weeks to have a question answered.

This IS a mental health program that will catapult you on your healing journey so you can live limitless in the next part of your life.

This IS coaching that will help you break generational trauma and depression that could be passed down to your children.


Subscription Access (Value: $997)

Mental Health Coaching from your mobile device!


BONUS: Printable and Clickable Workbook

(Value: $297)

Follow along and do the work to heal!

BONUS: Weekly Mental Health Map Out Sessions

(Value: $1,500)

One-on-One Coaching with a customized action plan, strategies, and progress tracking to get you results!

Private Community Access

(Value: $197)

24/7 Support with monthly Masterclasses! (Value: $109)

TOTAL: $3,100


---TODAY’S PRICE: $249 every two weeks---




There’s always the thought of whether will this work for me.

I get it. You’ve been toughing it out for this long.

As a Mama who suffered from depression myself, I get it. But what helped me heal is getting the support I knew I needed.

You want to make sure we’re a good fit. That’s important. Though, you did not stumble across this page by happenstance.

While I can’t guarantee that you will be completely healed after this program. I can guarantee that you would have tools to combat depression and trauma reminders whenever if ever, they return.

I created this program because I experienced depression, anxiety, trauma, and abuse firsthand. Every time I thought I was getting better, life happened and pushed me back into the depths of depression. One day, I decided enough was enough. I took charge of mental my health: I GOT COACHED, WENT TO THERAPY, AND GOT A SUPPORT SYSTEM.

As a conqueror of depression, trauma, anxiety, and survivor of domestic violence, I have the blueprint for getting healed and STAYING healed.

Can I pass it on to you?

I think you’re tired of crying yourself to sleep at night.

I think you’re tired of fighting to be appreciated.

I think you’re tired of being afraid to go after your dreams.

I think the time is now for you to heal.

But only you know.

Are you ready to start your 90-day healing journey?


Mommy Mental Makeover Program

every 2 weeks
$249.50 every 2 weeks for 90 days. 

You will be charged bi-weekly automated payments for 90 days upon enrollment. If any payments become outstanding, you will lose access to your portal and not be allowed to participate in one-on-one sessions or group sessions. 

If you have any difficulties with making payments, please contact us at