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The Muted Nostalgia... (piano score PDF)

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The Muted Nostalgia... — Greg Harradine

Solo piano score. Listen on YouTube.

Key: G major.

Duration: c. 2:52

Grade/level: 4 / early intermediate

Style/mood: lyrical, emotional

4 pages. 70 bars. 

Full title (take a deep breath): The Muted Nostalgia of a Millennial Gazing Over Suburban Rooftops, Recalling the Heartfelt Ambitions of Youth, Now Mere Memories (Unripe Fruits It Would Be Folly to Taste) Serving Only to Highlight the Multifarious Disappointments of Existence, the Daily Banalities and Nightly Malaise (But At Least Those Fruits Are Being Plucked from the Branch Less and Less Often Now, As Time Creeps Ambivalently, Glacially, Unmercifully Onwards...)...

You can also purchase a piano duet version of this piece, with a beginner primo part for just the right hand.
You will get a PDF (109KB) file

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