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Actually, subconscious mind is nothing but the “neural pathways” that have been established in your brain as result of your past beliefs and conditioning. During your unconscious existence, when you weren’t aware enough, you ended up imbibing a lot of limiting beliefs, negative conditioning and misguided perceptions about life, that you took to be “true” and hence believed in them enough to create strong neural pathways in your brain about them – causing these patterns of thought to become “subconscious”. Neural pathways are physical links, they are real and they are no different from a strong rope made from interweaving several layers of strings. Once you consciously see through a negativity, or a negative belief, within you, the neural pathway associated with that negativity will take time to come down, even when you are no longer supporting it consciously – it could well take a few months for a neural pathway, associated with a pattern of thought, to come down fully.

A lot of people who realize certain truths, and gain clarity, feel frustrated that their brain is not able to sync up with this understanding. The basic deal is that your conscious mind has gained the understanding, but your subconscious mind is yet to get programmed in it – it still has strong neural pathways associated with the old beliefs, conditioning and thought pattern. The conscious mind can get it immediately, and you can feel a sense of relief and elation on getting the clarity, but the very next day you can come up against the subconscious mind that starts churning out the old patterns. When you lack an understanding of how the subconscious mind works, you can easily start beating yourself up for being “slow”, or for regressing back to negativity after a day of being enlightened/clear about it – and of course this behavior of feeling bad about yourself just reinforces the old patterns of negativity.

Pursuant to the law of resonance and attraction, the way you think and feel about money greatly influences your income, your wealth, your abundance and your prosperity. You attract, ignore or repel money with your thoughts and feelings. Your feelings are influenced by your thoughts. And your thoughts are greatly influenced by your beliefs. Your beliefs are stored in your subconscious. These beliefs can be either positive or negative. Negative or limiting beliefs lead to self-sabotage. Therefore you need to reprogram any limiting beliefs and transform them into empowering, positive beliefs.

Positive thinking is necessary to achieve prosperity, wealth and abundance. You cultivate positive thinking through positive affirmations. The constant repetition of positive affirmations to yourself neuro-linguistically changes your mind’s perception and vibration. If you arrive to the point where you feel these positive affirmations, they plant a positive seed in your subconscious mind. And this opens the door to positive experiences, including prosperity, wealth and abundance.

You have to vividly feel the positive suggestions or affirmations to effect a change and transform your current reality.

However, if you use positive affirmations sparingly and deep down you continue to host the same limiting thoughts and beliefs, you are not really changing your vibration and therefore you are not changing your experience either. Or, at best, you are changing it only slightly. This is as true for prosperity as it is true for everything else.

The conscious, rational mind often speaks for the subconscious mind without you realizing it. That is why you may be tempted to drop positive affirmations after a while, or get easily distracted by something else, or even consciously resist or reject the positive affirmations because your current subconscious system does not believe them or has opposite beliefs stored in it.

This also explains why people tend to focus more on the negative than on the positive side of things. The positive side is different from their subconscious beliefs, while the negative side mirrors their limiting subconscious beliefs, so they believe more in it.

For instance, when someone deep down does not feel as deserving love, it will be difficult for this person to believe in an affirmation like “I love you”, while a “I do not love you” will be accepted by this person without questioning it, because it mirrors the subconscious beliefs. In the case of prosperity the same applies. If people have a deep subconscious belief that they do not deserve it, or that it is something “dirty” or that it is difficult to achieve, their mind will be inclined to consciously doubt or question positive affirmations about prosperity, embracing instead whatever reinforces their subconscious limiting beliefs.

The key is therefore to bypass the “shield” of the rational mind speaking for the subconscious and to make a positive impression directly upon the subconscious. This is where subliminal messages come to help.

Subliminal messages, used correctly, are designed to allow positive affirmations and suggestions to be received and acted upon by the subconscious mind, bypassing the conscious resistance that often “filters” the positive affirmations through disbelief or negative inner talk.

Your subconscious is more receptive when it works in a relaxed state. Therefore you have to get to a deep relaxed state of mind in order to facilitate the absorption of the positive affirmations or suggestions by the subconscious mind. When you achieve a calmed, meditative state, you are “in the zone” where positive thinking is more fertile.

Subliminal wave therapy allows your mind to relax into heightened states of receptivity, where suggestions of wealth, prosperity and abundance are effortlessly absorbed. Theta waves are best used for this purpose.


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