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Christmas for the Ukulele

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This is a collection of 24 famous Christmas carols and traditional seasonal songs arranged for ukulele. As carols are intended for singing, rather than for playing, this collection focuses on using the ukulele as an accompaniment instrument. Each carol is presented over a double page, with the full lyrics and chords being shown on the left, and the melody shown in traditional notation and ukulele tablature on the right. The idea is that while you could use this as the basis of a solo instrumental performance, carols are really for strumming and singing!

The carols have been specially arranged for ukulele, simplifying the often complex traditional chord structures to make them easy to play on a strummed instrument, and in keys that are both easy to sing and easy to play. The book also includes a lesson on strumming in unfamiliar key signatures, as many Christmas carols are not in the familiar 4/4.
You will get a PDF (5MB) file