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Thirsty one night stands, confused not-so-straight boys, heartfelt rooftop confessions and a ménage à trois that explodes with hilarious results - it's all just part of the package in this latest offering of spirited story-telling from our Gallic friends.

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 32mins, HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles.

DISCREET dir. David Chausse, Simon Frenay
Two young men from the same neighborhood meet randomly. As they give each other the lowdown of their night out, the tension mounts.

After hearing that her boyfriend lacks the courage to break up with her, plucky Elena decides she’d be less humiliated if Arturo was ensnared by a man rather than a woman.

RUE DES ROSES dir. Patrick Fabre
It’s Father’s Day and Mehdi is impatient to see his daughter. He now lives a perfect life with boyfriend Axel, but will his precocious princess accept Axel?

FIRST LOVE dir. Florent Gouëlou
A drag show in a Parisian bar. The public has eyes only for the queen of the night. But at the back of the room, her boyfriend may be watching her for the last time.

THE EDGE dir. David Chausse
Two young men - a dancer and a pizza delivery man - inadvertently become trapped on the rooftop of an apartment building.

The road can be long when allowing yourself to love again. Shy and self-effacing Leo leads a solitary existence, but an encounter with the confident Thom turns his world upside down.

FRAGILE dir. Hakim Mao
Mehdi is a hopeless romantic. But he’s too uptight according to his best friend, Olive, who urges him to loosen up and have some fun with gay dating apps.
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